Socialist history in danger from the Tories. The war spreads to Goldsmiths

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Socialist history in danger from the Tories. The war spreads to Goldsmiths

Both the Royal Historical Society and the Society for the Study of the Labour History have published statements underlining the danger of withdrawing the study of history from Post-92 environments (mostly former Polytechnics). A link to both statements is below.

The attack how now spread with history, literature and other subjects facing mass redundancies at Goldsmiths College. Quite properly the UCU is fighting this disgraceful attack

The London Socialist Historians Group is in full support. While we back and encourage political activism and research outside of the confines of traditional academic boundaries we also recognise the importance of having the possibility of studying labour and socialist history within the academy. That is why, for example, we have organised the socialist history seminar at the Institute of Historical Research since 1995.

As both statements indicate withdrawing history from the post-92 Universities would make the subject less available to working-class students unable to study far from home for a range of reasons.

Further the Government has been engaged in a process of moving funding away from ‘arts’ subjects towards science on the basis that degrees in this area add more value to the economy. There are of course limits to this prejudice. History teaching will certainly continue to some extent at the Russell Group Universities sometimes described as the ‘elite’.

While history teaching at these institutions may not always be of a traditional and conservative nature they certainly have turned out in the past generations of historians in suits with a worldview that is mostly on the right of the political spectrum.

Clearly now Goldsmiths doesn’t fit the Tory criteria of ‘suitable’ history teaching and research

Details of Goldsmiths cuts

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