‘no ball’ law of cricket fails to address growing beards

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Beard Liberation Front

28th May

Media Release, contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

‘No Ball’ law of cricket fails to address growing beards


The Beard Liberation Front the informal network of beard wearers that campaigns against beardism, prejudice against the hirsute, has said that the Laws of Cricket are still failing to take account of the growth of beards in the modern game.

The campaigners say that while the No Ball rule provides clear provision for a bowler’s foot overstepping the mark it is entirely silent on occasions when a bowler’s beard might do the same.

When a bowlers beard is over the return crease as the ball is delivered aerodynamic factors could mean that the bowl is propelled towards the batsman with more force and focus than would otherwise be the case. The hirsute bowler would have an unfair advantage.

On Test Match Special (28th May) Jonathan Agnew put the question to umpiring expert John Holder but he had to note that the matter is not currently covered by the Laws

Beard Liberation Front organiser Keith Flett said, We think there needs to be Law 24(5)(i) which requires the umpire to check if a bowlers beard is over the return crease at the moment the ball is released from the hand. If so a no ball should be called. It is time the Laws of Cricket became beard aware.

Law of cricket 24(5)

  1. Fair delivery – the feet

For a delivery to be fair in respect of the feet, in the delivery stride,

  1. a) the bowler’s back foot must land within and not touching the return crease appertaining to his stated mode of delivery.

(b) the bowler’s front foot must land with some part of the foot, whether grounded or raised

(i) on the same side of the imaginary line joining the two middle stumps as the return crease described in (a) above and (ii) behind the popping crease.




Histories of the present: the most dangerous UK leader since 1979

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Tony Blair has told the BBC that a Government led by Jeremy Corbyn would be a ‘dangerous experiment’. Some by contrast might feel that a Prime Minister who was involved in a war with Iraq was quite dangerous, while others might think that someone on the right from Mrs Thatcher to Boris Johnson might more suitably attract the term.


Graeme Fowler joins Best England cricket beard of all time poll

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Beard Liberation Front

27th May

The Best England cricket beard of all time


With the start of the summer Test season, and the fielding of the most hirsute England cricket team since the 1970s, the Beard Liberation Front is running a poll for the best England cricket beard of all time.

The BLF has identified three hirsute periods of English cricket:

The Classic, Victorian era. W G Grace is the iconic figure here

The 1970s: the long clean shaven period of English cricket ended with the advent of players like Ian Botham and Mike Gatting, as a new less formal period of cricket etiquette opened up

The modern era from 2000: Beards are becoming an essential part of an England cricketer’s game from Jonny Bairstow to Moeen Ali

Graeme Fowler has been added to the poll after his interview with Jonathan Agnew on Test Match Special on 27th May and a discussion of his organic beard.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said, after an increased profile for his beard on TMS, which despite Agnew’s comments is not scruffy, Fowler could still beard the opposition

The poll closes at 6pm on Sunday 29th May


Beavertown at BeerKatPub

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Beavertown at BeerKatPub

On the final day of the season Arsenal edged ahead of Spurs to claim second place in the Premiership. It was a testament to Arsenal manager Wenger’s finishing skills.

Tottenham have however now hit back with Beavertown Brewery opening a pop-up pub at the BeerKatPub at 203 Holloway Rd N7 which if you need reminding is rather close to the Emirates stadium.

The location is about 5 minutes walk down Holloway Rd from the tube station (on the same side).

It is an impressive space over three floors with plenty of different seating areas.

Opening night was 26th May but it is open Thurs-Sun for a month.

There are Beavertown beers on the ground and first floor (including three hand pumps on the ground floor) and pop up food on the top floor.

Unlike the Tap Room there are also plenty of toilets…

There was music from decks while I was there at about the right volume (but take into account that as an attender at Led Zeppelin, The Who etc etc concerts in the 1970s my idea of loud might not be yours).

The pub has been strikingly designed by Nick Dwyer who does the Beavertown cans and posters and that in itself would be a reason to visit

Overall the place has a really good vibe to it (even allowing for the proximity to the Emirates). There is the chance to try a far greater range of Beavertown beers than you’ll find at the Taproom and you’re not confined to Saturday afternoons to do it either.



Tottenham meeting: The EU referendum, In or Out, what is best for workers and workplace rights?

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Haringey Trades Union Council

Meeting Tuesday 31st May 7pm

Contact (Secretary) Keith Flett 07803 167266


Tottenham meeting: The EU Referendum, In or Out, what is best for workers & workplace rights?

Haringey TUC is hosting a discussion on the June EU Referendum and employment and workers rights next Tuesday in Tottenham (details below).

Speakers include John Hilary from War on Want and Joseph Choonara one of the organisers of LEXIT, the left-wing campaign for leaving the EU.

Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett said, there has been some talk about the impact of the Referendum vote on jobs and the TUC has underlined issues with European legislation which deals with employment if the vote is ‘no’. Our interest lies however in trying to understand what is best for ordinary people at work suffering the consequences of austerity and a hardline Tory Government. We hope the meeting will look at the Referendum not through the eyes of business or politicians but from the perspective of those who struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis

Tuesday May 31st 7pm

St. John Vianney Hall, West Green Rd, Tottenham N15

Speakers include:

John Hilary, Director, War on Want


Joseph Choonara, author The EU A Left Case for Exit


Free entry, all welcome


Campaigners give Corbyn new ‘sustainability’ honour to mark birthday

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Beard Liberation Front

26th May

Media Release, contact Keith Flett 07803 167266


Campaigners give Corbyn new ‘sustainability’ honour to mark birthday

The Beard Liberation Front the informal network of beard wearers that campaigns against beardism, prejudice against the hirsute, has said that to mark Labour leader’s Jeremy Corbyn 67th birthday on 26th May it has awarded him a rare Hirsute Sustainability Award.

The campaigners say that unlike Lord Mandelson and Ken Livingstone who shaved off their moustaches and Alistair Darling who misplaced an entire beard, Corbyn has shown that his beard is a sustainable part of his political activity from 1974 when he was first elected a Haringey Councillor to now as Leader of the Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn has won the Parliamentary Beard of the Year Award a record sixth time and the Sustainability Award points to that achievement

Beard Liberation Front organiser Keith Flett said, Mr Corbyn is a hirsute icon and we hope he and his beard are having a happy birthday.


Guide to growing a Jeremy Corbyn style beard

1 Do not shave and recycle all shaving equipment immediately

2 The Corbyn organic beard is organic not styled or ‘hipster’. Allow facial hair to develop over a 7-10 day period

3 Wash the facial hair every day and purge any split ends

4 An organic beard grows naturally so do not trim at this stage

5 After 10 days judicious and occasional trimming may be employed. There is a fine balance between a beard that is stylish and one that is genuinely organic

6 Under trimming is better than over trimming. Over trimming may lead to being accidentally labelled a Blairite clean shaven revisionist


E. P. Thompson, Europe & eating out in North London & Oxford

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EP Thompson, Europe and eating out


In 1975 before the first Referendum on Europe called by Harold Wilson’s Labour Government, the Sunday Times (pre Rupert Murdoch) gave a number of writers the chance to write briefly on their view of Europe.

One was the late socialist historian and campaigner EP Thompson.

Thompson of course was a passionate European and internationalist but also no fan of what was then called the Common Market.

As often in Thompson’s writings his serious points on the matter were illustrated by some slightly less serious observations.

Thompson suggests that the market is ‘about the belly.. about consumption’. He argues that the EU was seen 40 years ago as a stomach with ‘digestive chambers and fiscal acids..’ He observes wryly that in the middle class mind it digests a pasta of fiats and a concorde thermidor.

Thompson thinks that the Euro-stomach is the ‘logical extension of the existing eating-out habits of Oxford and North London’ He goes on to suggest that the market was also seen as something cultural. Just as the middle classes had once consumed US culture, now they saw in the EU with French and Italian films a common cultural stomach.

I’m not sure that Thompson was making a particular criticism of European food or culture here, although he was determinedly and deliberately provincial living on the outskirts of Worcester. The serious point is that the arguments for the then ‘common market’ was not central to what its actually purpose was.

He does however consider working class diet and eating habits in some detail in the Making of the English Working Class

Thompson went on to write more seriously about Europe and that will form the second part of this post


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