Tory MPs warned: growing a beard will not get BLF approval for dodgy activities

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Beard Liberation Front 4th July

After the case of senior Tory MP Chris’s the Beard Liberation Front has warned that any attempt by Tory MPs to use its informal networks and culture as a way of promoting their doubtful activities will be rebutted and exposed.

The BLF says that while it has anything goes approach that does not include bullying and harassment.

BLF organiser Keith Flett said given the number of Tory MPs who now have beards there may be concerns


Ambridge Socialist. Once again on Vince Casey: slimeball, peasant, proletariat ?

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3rd July

We asked these questions when Vince Casey first appeared in Ambridge.

He was and clearly remains a large abattoir owner in the West Midlands. David Archer tried to do business with him after the abattoir he used failed. That didn’t work out but in the meantime Casey became Special Friends with Elizabeth.

Now we hear of Vince and his two daughters Beth and Steph and nothing about abattoirs. As someone once said, what is going on out there?

Once again on Ardil

Ardil seems such a good mannered, cultured chap. A fan of rewinding, and a friend of Kirsty. We ask again, who does he work for?

Rave on

A rave in Ambridge. It appears Call Me Russ enjoyed the Stone Roses or was it Jeff Beck


Moeen Ali shaves Michael Rosen & Michael Sheen for Beard of Summer

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Beard Liberation Front

3rd July

Moeen Ali voted Beard of Summer 2022.

Cricketer and Broadcaster Moeen Ali has been voted Beard of Summer 2022 in an online poll shaving we’ll known beard wearers such as Michael Rosen and Michael Sheen.

BLF organiser Keith Flett said, Moeen Ali an outstanding positive example of beard power in the Britain of 2022.

National Beard Week

Hirsute Personality 2022. Michael Eavis

Beard Friendly Sandwich. Bacon

Hirsute Broadcasters 2022. Bob Harris & Michael Rosen

Beard Hater of the Year. Boris Johnson

Beard Friendly Employer of the Year: the TUC


National Beard Week. Boris Johnson has retained Beard Hater of the Year title

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30th June

The Beard Liberation Front the informal network of beard wearers has said that Boris Johnson has retained the Beard Hater of the Year title after narrowly shaving Elon Musk in an online poll. Keir Starmer was third.

Johnson is well known for pogonophonic remarks on issues like string vests and allotments.

Earlier in Beard Week the bacon sandwich was voted most beard friendly and Bob Harris and Michael Rosen were named Hirsute Broadcasters of the Year.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said Boris Johnson might want to check how many of his own MPs have beards these days


Bob Harris & Michael Rosen named joint Hirsute Broadcasters 2022

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Beard Liberation Front

29th June

As part of National Beard Week 2022 veteran broadcasters Bob Harris and Michael Rosen have been named joint best hirsute communicators.

Both men started broadcasting in the 1970s and have appeared regularly on TV and radio since. They’ve have broken the divide and rule basis of bearded broadcasting where beards were heard but not seen

Bob Harris currently presents the Country Show on Radio Two while Michael Rosen hosts Word of Mouth on Radio Four.

BLF organiser Keith Flett said the beards of Bob Harris and Michael Rosen have remained resilient over many years and much merit Beard Week recognition


Bacon Sandwich voted most beard friendly of 2022

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28th June

As part of National Beard Week the Beard Liberation Front has carried out a vote for the most Beard Friendly Sandwich of the Year.

In a well supported on-line poll the bacon sandwich easily beat the cheese sandwich with egg and tuna trailing.

The poll reflected the last 2 years where sandwiches have returned to basics. The campaigners say that vegan alternatives were also included-facon for bacon for example

BLF organiser Keith Flett said, if only Ed Miliband had a beard when he ate that bacon sandwich


Ambridge Socialist. Class War delayed?

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Ambridge Socialist 26th June

For an extended period the divorce between Chris Carter and Alice Aldridge has threatened all out class war in Ambridge. However deflected the Horrabins will end up with a chunk of Aldridge wealth and likely cause the break up of Bridge Farm.

This week after an accident to Martha and a row between Alice and Chris it appears the divorce may be off and war will be delayed for a bit. Disappointing.

Suddenly Single Party to feature male stripper

The Suddenly Single Party at Brookfield Barn may still go ahead despite some ideological differences between Steph, Beth and Ben. If it does it will feature a male stripper, David Archer will achieve fame at last

Ardil may be charming but who does he work for?

Lynda Snell doesn’t like her lodger Ardil. Kirsty does though and he seems like a charming man with interests in rewinding and progressive agriculture. Yes BUT, who does he work for?


Keir Starmer abortion rights, the RMT, an historical conundrum

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I don’t spend time looking at Keir Starmer’s official twitter account. He has a reputation of not taking principled decisions on most things that need one. Yet on Friday after the US Supreme Court struck down the right to abortion Starmer tweeted in defence of a woman’s right to choose. Good but for a socialist a little odd when he had spent the last week failing to support RMT members strikes in defence of jobs and safety

It was a Labour Government that legalised abortion and New Labour was firmly and rightly in favour too so perhaps Starmer felt he was being uncontroversial.

Why Starmer won’t back the RMT as I argued in my recent Morning Star piece (Thursday free on the papers website) also relates to New Labour, A forerunner of the RMT was key to the formation of Labour in 1900 but for Blair unions were sectional interests. He wanted and perhaps briefly got a broader for the many approach

The point is interesting as Labour history but not relevant to 2022. Starmer can see abortion rights is about the fight of ordinary people to control their lives. In a different register isn’t that what RMT members are striking about


Beard Week 2022. Hirsute Personality of the Year

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Beard Week 2022 starts on 27th June focused on all things hirsute from the most beard friendly sandwich to the most beard friendly employer.

On Monday the Hirsute Personality of the Year is announced. This focuses not just on the best beard but the beard wearer with the most positive public Personality.

There is a live poll on twitter @kmflett Contenders are:

Iolo Williams. Springwatch

Patrick Butler Great British Sewing Bee

Philip Wilton, Wildes Cheese

Michael Eavis, Glastonbury founder


John Holder on Test Match Special ‘Ask the Umpire’ rules a players beard is under their control. Correct?

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It was good to see Ask the Umpire back on Test Match Special for the first time since 2019 (covid access issues). It’s available as a podcast on BBC Sounds.

Veteran Umpire John Holder answers questions sent in by listeners focused on the rules of cricket. Often quite odd ones and the Beard Liberation Front never misses a chance to raise a point.

We asked if a player with a luxuriant beard had dived to take a catch but it wasn’t clear if the ball was grounded on TV replays would be a player be out if the ball was lodged in the beard and therefore not on the ground.

John Holder ruled that the beard was part of the player and under their control so the batsman would be not out as the ball would be grounded in the beard.