Boris Johnson has ‘mini-honeymoon’ & as ever ‘Old Corruption’ featured

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Boris Johnson has ‘mini-honeymoon’ & as ever ‘Old Corruption’ featured

Carrie Symonds and Boris Johnson got married last weekend and provoked some religious controversy. It was reported however that the honeymoon would wait.

Not quite, but surely there aren’t many who take what Johnson says at face value?

It was reported that the ‘happy couple’ had in fact taken a two-day mini honeymoon, but it was not known where. It clearly was not with Michael Gove in Portugal and in retrospect just as well.

In fact the ever reliable Daily M**l reported the location which was the PM’s country retreat Chequers in Buckinghamshire.

Symonds and Johnson spent Sunday and Monday there.

Chequer is a grace and favour residence for PMs- in other words a sinecure of Office. In the pre-democratic era before the 1832 Reform Bill William Cobbett refered to such practices as ‘Old Corruption’.

Johnson stayed there after he contracted COVID and before that for a period after he was sacked as Foreign Secretary by Theresa May and apparently had nowhere to stay.

Chequers is paid for primarily by the taxpayer through an official grant. Its good to know that Johnson managed to get even his honeymoon publicly funded

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