Haringey Diversity Festival: Battle of Wood Green 40 years on, 23rd April 2017

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On Sunday 23rd April this year there will be a celebration of the diverse place Haringey today is, welcoming people whatever their background. The context is the 40th anniversary of the National Front march from Ducketts Common, Turnpike Lane on 23rd April 1977. Dubbed the ‘Battle of Wood Green’ the fascist march was broken by protesters, many shoppers out on that Saturday afternoon 40 year ago, as it entered Wood Green High Rd. Haringey has never looked back, and neither have the fascists. They never attempted a public display in the area again after that day.

Details of the history of the day and what is planned for 23rd April this year can be found via @BattleOfWoodGrn which also links to a Facebook page.

The event is organised by Haringey TUC in association with Unite the Union and the two Haringey Constituency Labour Parties

3 Responses to “Haringey Diversity Festival: Battle of Wood Green 40 years on, 23rd April 2017”

  1. Any chance of reissuing the pamphlet – or putting it on-line??

  2. Hoping to get it reprinted and put on-line in time for 23rd April. Someone is currently working on this

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