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Hirsute set for traditional May Day beard waggle

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Beard Liberation Front


Contact Keith Flett      07803 167266


The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has said that the ancient May Day tradition of Beard Waggling will be revived once again on Monday May 1st as, with the weather set reasonably fair in many areas, the hirsute will celebrate the coming of Spring by waggling their beards

The beard waggle, a traditional British May Day custom, involves shaking the beard vigorously from side to side and in doing so stimulating air currents that can cause objects to levitate slightly.

Waggling the beard when it has become damp due to rain however is virtually impossible.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett, The Beard Waggle is one of the great May Day traditions but it went into decline with the rise of the safety razor. Now however with the hipster culture of beards, the waggle is firmly back and is gaining in popularity each year.

Beard Liberation Front guide to beard waggling

1] Ensure the beard is supple. This may be done by moistening is slightly with water or, if preferred, craft beer.

2] Choose a suitable to waggle, preferably in the sun rather than the shade

3] Move the beard vigorously from side to side and then up and down while otherwise standing still. Repeat several times

4] While waggling the traditional chant is, Hail the Beard, Hail Spring

5] Alternatively beard wagglers may simply intone Om, Om, Om




The Ambridge Socialist poll: Peggy’s cat- portly or obese?

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The Ambridge Socialist poll

25th April

Is Peggy’s cat portly or obese?

According to Anisha the vet, Bill, Peggy’s cat is obese. Peggy is offended (this is quite normal) because she regards Bill as merely portly. What do you think?


Beard Liberation Front backs Labour to win General Election:calls for progress with hirsuteness

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Beard Liberation Front

Progress with hirsuteness

press release

24th April

Contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

Beard Liberation Front backs Labour to win General Election

The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, which campaigns for people to be able to dress and appear as they want, has said it has taken the unusual step of backing the Labour Party for the General Election on June 8th.

Founded in 1995 it campaigns against prejudice and celebrates positive images of the hirsute with an annual Beard of the Year award at the end of December. Beard Week, which focuses on a range of beard related issues, takes place every year in late June.

The Beard Liberation Front does not normally back a particular party. However faced with an Election where neither the Tories or LibDems have shown any signs of being beard friendly, while Labour is led by Jeremy Corbyn, multiple winner of the Parliamentary Beard of the Year Award, the campaigners say it is time to take sides.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett, we trust Jeremy Corbyn to take positive action on the Beard Friendly Charter, after so many years promoting the cause of the hirsute in the Commons.

The Beard Friendly Charter (Summary)

No to Beardism and pogonophobia prejudice against the hirsute

More hirsute MPs

More hirsute public employees and monitoring of hirsuteness levels in the senior Civil Service

Promotion of positive public images of the hirsute

No dress codes at work, beyond a requirement for smart appearance for public facing roles


From the Battle of Wood Green 1977 to the French Presidential Elections 2017

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A well attended event to mark the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Wood Green was held on Ducketts Common, Turnpike Lane on Sunday 23rd April. It was 40 years to the day since a large march of supporters of the fascist National Front had marched out of the Common on to Wood Green High Rd. There they met opposition. Only part of the march was able to continue to a final rally. The NF never again tried to march in Haringey.

It was just the first of a series of confrontations between the NF, anti-fascists and local people across the UK. The next was at Lewisham on August 13th 1977 and there was a series up to 23rd April 1979 in Southall where anti-fascist protester Blair Peach met his death from a blow to the head from a weighted police truncheon.

Several speakers on Sunday including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was the original lead organiser at Wood Green 40 years ago, and Paul Holborow who led the Anti-Nazi League in the late 1970s and 1980s underlined why exactly it had been so important to try and stop the National Front from marching. They aimed to show that they controlled the streets and in doing so to become a permanent fixture of British political life.

They failed.

By contrast, Sunday’s event coincided with the first round of the French Presidential Election where the candidate of the fascist National Front Marine Le Pen, polled well enough to make the run off in a fortnight. She is unlikely to win but the FN have become a fixture of French political life. They have mostly been able to march without effective opposition over the years and that is certainly one reason- there are clearly others- why they have been able to get in that position.

Perhaps the point is that while its easy to think that what you do or don’t do in terms of political activity makes little real difference to how the world goes on, sometimes it actually does.


The Ambridge Socialist: We back Labour for Borsetshire

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 Years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

23rd April

We back Labour for Borsetshire

With Theresa May calling a General Election for June 8th the Ambridge Socialist is backing the Labour candidates in the two Borsetshire Constituencies. We are particularly keen to see the back of the Tory MP for South Borsetshire, Bufton Tufton, who is apparently still alive.

It is yet unclear if David Archer plans to challenge Bufton Tufton for the Tory nomination, or indeed if there are other contenders.

The Ambridge Socialist will however be producing an independent manifesto of election demands during May but we will work with the Labour candidates once they are in place.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, of course the BBC’s reports from Ambridge traditionally steer clear of party politics, although to their credit the General Election has received a mention this week. Howeveer if Archers’ listeners want to find out what is happening during the General Election campaign in Borsetshire they’ll need to read the Ambridge Socialist.

Elizabeth is 50

A party has been held at Lower Loxley to mark Elizabeth’s 50th birthday. Lily thoughtfully invited some of her mother’s Facebook friends to make up the numbers. Ruth and Pip had a discussion on the terrace. For some unknown reason access to the roof was not available.

In Other News

Peggy’s cat is fat, though she claims it is merely portly

David has got the bill for the tractor mishap at Brookfield

Justin and Lillian have got an engagement ring and Peggy approves

Rex has walked out on Josh but returned at a price



Jeremy Corbyn keynote speaker at event to mark 40 years of anti-racism in North London

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Haringey Trades Union Council

Media Release 23rd April

Contact Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett 07803 167266

Jeremy Corbyn keynote speaker at event to mark 40 years of anti-racism in North London

Haringey TUC the local North London organisation of the TUC has said that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was the keynote speaker at a major Haringey Diversity Festival held at Ducketts Common, Turnpike Lane, North London on Sunday.

Mr Corbyn spoke to a crowd of many hundreds of local people, along with Bibi Khan Secretary of the local Wightman Rd Mosque, Martha Osamor, a Haringey Councillor 40 years ago, Matt Wrack leader of the Fire Brigades Union and Ian Hodson of the Bakers Union amongst others.

The event was held 40 years to the day after a National Front march assembled at the same place, on 23rd April 1977, and attempted to march through shoppers in the busy Wood Green High St. The 1500  NF supporters met mass opposition and the far right have never returned to the Borough.

The co-ordinator of the protest on the day was current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. He was a local Councillor in 1977.

Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett said, Jeremy Corbyn got a great reception and some will say he was in ‘comfort zone’. The reality was however that it wasn’t comfortable to stand up to fascists 40 years ago and with an Election campaign underway it would have been easy for the Labour leader to put his roots to one side. He brought the same message he had 4 decades ago but one that is still entirely relevant for today. Communities across the UK must stand united against fear, division and racism.


The 40th anniversary of the ‘Battle of Wood Green’ was backed by Unite the Union, the South and East Region TUC, Haringey TUC Haringey UNISON, Haringey & Islington GMB, local Labour Parties and Stand Up to Racism


St George’s Day, Cromwell, the English flag & Bank Holidays

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St George’s Day, celebrated on 23rd April, has a very mixed place in British history.

From the time of the crusades until the 17th century, the celebration of St George’s Day was a popular tradition in most periods. The Reformation caused some issues but the day was still marked until in 1645 the Long Parliament banned it. It re-appeared in 1660 with the Restoration.

Cromwell obviously was not keen, to put it mildly, on celebrating any Saints Days. Yet he was keen to appropriate the St George’s ‘cross’ flag known to this day as the English flag. The cross or ‘bloody cross’ was held to represent the Crusades and in Cromwell’s usage his imperial adventures (and massacres) in Scotland and Ireland.

Labour has suggested that St George’s Day, and other Saints Days should be a national holiday. Irrespective of where you stand on the above, why not? Britain has few public holidays and given the chronically low productivity rate its difficult to see that more would do any harm.