The Ambridge Socialist. We back Vehicle Charging Station protesters

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The Ambridge Socialist

26th March

We back Vehicle Charging Station protesters

It started with Jim Lloyd mentioning Eldridge Cleaver to Justin Elliott in the village shop. Justin of course had never heard of him. Justin grasped enough however to warn Daveed in the Bull that a protest against the proposed Vehicle Charging Station was underway.

He also alerted Damara Capital, who are in fact behind the project. In doing so it became clear why Elliott is volunteering to work in the village shop. He wanted to display his local community credentials knowing that he was a key player in a move to undermine it.

Subsequently Lloyd together with what might be charitably described as a popular front of protesters held a picket at Brookfield. Daveed blocked them with hay bales. Not to be deterred Lloyd booked himself into the B&B room at Brookfield and dropped a protest banner out of the window.

His tactic to publicise a sit-in on social media failed due to his own ineptitude. Chelsea, better at protest tactics, persuaded Jim that he would win on the arguments not stunts.

What We Think

Opposition to a Vehicle Charging Station (for electronic cars) might look like Nimbyism. It might hit trade in the village, but it might equally lead to more. However the fact that Damara Capital is behind the scheme shows that a bigger plan is in play. Their aim is to make profit out of the Borsetshire countryside. For the people they care not. We shall have more to say on tactics and strategies

In Other News

Debbie fell out with Brian. Eventually he tried to persuade her to return from Hungary and run the farm. She refused. After all Tamsin Greig has a busy acting career as well.

The new viewing window at the dairy has been unveiled

Paul at a Eurovision planning meeting convened by Sgt Knacker Burns has commended Justin (who attended because he is ‘patriotic) for being a LBGTQ ally. Justin is confused


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  1. Dave was stupid enough to almost sell land Midsomer Meadow)toMatt Crawford “fr his wife to graze horses).Someone found out tat he planned to build a house, and told Dave to stop the sale.

    Fooled this time, eh, Archer?

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