Liz Truss relaunches as after dinner speaker

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Liz Truss relaunches as an after dinner speaker

Liz Truss who was Prime Minister for 49 days last year but resigned after crashing the economy as relaunched her career as an after dinner speaker.

Truss didn’t seem to be in the top rank of orators during her PM days but Theresa May is earning good money as a speaker. Johnson of course has accrued millions making speeches but he at least is entertaining even if what he says is drivel at best.

Her Bio on Chartwell Speakers (extract and link below) does suggest that Truss still has the high level of political delusion she had while at No.10. It will be interesting to see if she gets bookings and from whom.

After leading the nation in mourning Her Late Majesty, Liz set about implementing her Plan for Growth, including a raft of tax cuts to kick-start economic growth, deregulation and reforms to boost productivity. However, she faced huge resistance from those who wanted to maintain the status quo and reached the conclusion that she could not deliver the mandate on which she had been elected and therefore stepped down.

She continues to serve as a Member of Parliament, drawing on her experience in government to contribute to national and international politics.

Liz Truss’s Speaking Topics

• Economic growth and reform

• The future of Conservatism

• Geopolitics

• International Trade

• Female leadership and women’s empowerment


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  1. Did she write that herself

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