William Morris b. 24th March 1834 on the aim of the rich to limit the right to protest

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William Morris b 24 March 1834 on the aim of the rich to limit the right to protest

William Morris, the great socialist and beard wearer was born on 24th March 1834.

Morris and the late nineteenth century socialist movement had to fight for the democratic right to protest, just as the left does now in the face of new Tory attempts to curtail or ban it. He recognised that the rich always aimed to restrict the right to protest which could challenge their wealth and rule:

William Morris remarked on the impatience of ’the more luxurious part of society’ to ’clear the streets of costermongers, organs, processions, and lecturers of all kinds, and make them a sort of decent prison corridors, with people just trudging to and from their work’….


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