King Charles visit to organic Bordeaux vineyard stopped by a General Strike

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2023 by kmflett

King Charles visit to organic Bordeaux vineyard stopped by a General Strike

King Charles & Queen Camilla have postponed their visit to France due to mounting protests against President Macron’s attempt to force through changes to the State pension age. There was a General Strike on Thursday and another is planned for Tuesday when the King was due to visit Chateau Smith Haute Lafitte an organic Bordeaux vineyard.

Visits by the monarch to France are of course traditional but so also are General Strikes. Oliver Besancenot of the New Anti-Capitalist Party noted that the plan had been to greet King Charles with a ‘good old general strike’ (Times 22nd March). Mathieu Obry organiser of the French transport union in Bordeaux said there would be ‘big demonstrations and big blockades’.

King Charles and Queen Camilla will no longer be there to admire this French tradition. Whether Macron has to scrap his pension changes remains in the balance with protesters on the front foot


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