Are Brewdog barring trade unionists from their new flagship Waterloo bar?

In Uncategorized on August 18, 2022 by kmflett

Are Brewdog barring trade unionists from their new flagship Waterloo bar?

Brewdog opened their new flagship bar at London’s Waterloo station today. I’m not part of their PR operation but if interested details are easily available on their social media.

It seemed like rather an odd day to launch a bar at a major rail station as thanks to a strike by RMT and TSSA members there were very few trains. On Friday there is a tube strike. Perhaps Brewdog just wanted a quiet opening or perhaps their anti-union reputation led them to choose the date on purpose.

Brewdog have a controversial reputation when it comes to employee culture and indeed corporate governance. Their view on this varies between rebuttal and agreement that there are issues that they are addressing. The issues continue as does one obvious way of grappling with them, recognising a union.

This post starts with a question mark because I’m posing a question to which I don’t know the answer. Two unions Unite and the Brewery Workers Union have members at Brewdog. The latter reportedly leafleted the new bar (outside) today. Its perfectly legal to make people aware of trade unions and ask them to consider joining.  There were also social media reports that when a customer who had taken a leaflet entered the bar they were escorted out by security.

Pubs and bars can exclude who they like without reason (but within reason- the law still applies) but even given Brewdog’s reputation surely they haven’t banned trade unionists from their new bar. Aside from anything else that’s an awful lot of potential customers.

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