Drought & watering the pitch at Lords. The 1976 decision

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Drought and watering the pitch at Lords

Thames Water which covers the Lords cricket ground at Lords has announced a hosepipe ban from 24th August.

The issue of sports grounds was touched on in the Parliamentary debate on the 1976 Drought Act (4th August 1976) the Minister for Sport and Recreation Denis Howell said:

Hon. Members have mentioned sport and recreation. Naturally we want common sense to apply here, and we shall be telling regional authorities to exercise the maximum flexibility and discretion. But even in the regions where there is plenty of water now we shall have to take care. We do not know how long this drought will last. We have had two dry summers and one-very dry winter. It we have another, even those areas that are well off could be in difficulty. We would expect water to be available if new turf has to be laid at Lord’s or Wimbledon for next season and priority to be given, for example, to watering the greens rather than the fairways on golf courses.

But if we have to make a judgment between terminating or severely rationing the supply of water to households and the continuance of sport, we shall have to get our priorities right. We should be open to great criticism if we did not err on the side of caution. However, we shall do our best. Although there will be no blanket exceptions for sport, we are not trying to put it out of business.

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