Have we reached Peak ‘Craft Beer’?

In Uncategorized on August 16, 2022 by kmflett

Have we reached Peak ‘Craft Beer’?

My thanks to Pete Brown for alerting me to the piece below in today’s I Paper. As he notes it makes some reasonable points. Like him however I’d question whether we have reached peak craft beer (or indeed peak beard for that matter but that is a slightly different issue)

The article notes a decline in the numbers of craft breweries opening but that is surely hardly a surprise in the pandemic period and will remain so as we enter a recession. SIBA also note that 40-60 small breweries have closed this year. One might argue however that the survival rate for small businesses in hospitality generally is not particularly good.

There are issues though. It is hard for new and smaller breweries to get on the bar in pubs which are either tied to Big Beer, have most lines tied to Big Beer or who prefer to sell local beers where available.

This perhaps is the key to the way forward. Capitalism tends to monopoly and the pressure on any business is to expand or close. Yet that can be avoided and was indeed one of the motors of craft beer originally in most cases. Local beer brewed to local tastes and sold locally. Full stop. There are plenty of craft breweries around doing just that.

There are also other ways to market than pubs. Beer can be canned and sold in craft beer shops. It can be sold directly to drinkers on-line and breweries can open their own tap rooms. Capitalism unfortunately is resilient and I’d expect craft beer to be too

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