What we did on our holidays: Boris Johnson & Keir Starmer

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What we did on our holidays: Boris Johnson & Keir Starmer

On Monday Keir Starmer said he would make no apology for going on holiday to Majorca for 10 days or so with his partner and children. He was right to do so. Work life balance is important and if you have school age children August is the time for holiday.

Starmer was reportedly eating tapas and wearing (a needlessly expensive) casual shirt which was a huge improvement on his usual suits. And why not?

Less satisfactory was that Starmer didn’t seem to have appointed anyone to be his deputy (Angela Rayner has the formal position) to speak out on the cost of living crisis. Gordon Brown filled the space admirably but if anyone thought he was acting in cohorts with Starmer, they might notice the leader’s fulsome thanks to him (there was none)

Of course Starmer is a minor player in the holiday league compared to Boris Johnson. He is currently on holiday in Greece having recently returned from Slovenia. The Guardian has a good summary here:

Johnson of course is still Prime Minister although it’s a moot point as to whether it is better that he is doing the job or not doing it. His main actual activity at the moment seems to be securing a column in the Daily Mail, the Telegraph having finally had enough of him.

When it comes to holidays though in general Britain doesn’t have enough them. Before the Lionesses beat Germany at Wembley Keir Starmer in effect called for a national holiday if they won. They did and then Starmer went on holiday himself and said nothing more.

In the circumstances its surely one demand Starmer could get Johnson to agree to

It would also be worth making the point in respect of Johnson that many cant currently afford a holiday at all

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