Ambridge Socialist. Class War delayed?

In Uncategorized on June 26, 2022 by kmflett

Ambridge Socialist 26th June

For an extended period the divorce between Chris Carter and Alice Aldridge has threatened all out class war in Ambridge. However deflected the Horrabins will end up with a chunk of Aldridge wealth and likely cause the break up of Bridge Farm.

This week after an accident to Martha and a row between Alice and Chris it appears the divorce may be off and war will be delayed for a bit. Disappointing.

Suddenly Single Party to feature male stripper

The Suddenly Single Party at Brookfield Barn may still go ahead despite some ideological differences between Steph, Beth and Ben. If it does it will feature a male stripper, David Archer will achieve fame at last

Ardil may be charming but who does he work for?

Lynda Snell doesn’t like her lodger Ardil. Kirsty does though and he seems like a charming man with interests in rewinding and progressive agriculture. Yes BUT, who does he work for?

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