Keir Starmer abortion rights, the RMT, an historical conundrum

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2022 by kmflett

I don’t spend time looking at Keir Starmer’s official twitter account. He has a reputation of not taking principled decisions on most things that need one. Yet on Friday after the US Supreme Court struck down the right to abortion Starmer tweeted in defence of a woman’s right to choose. Good but for a socialist a little odd when he had spent the last week failing to support RMT members strikes in defence of jobs and safety

It was a Labour Government that legalised abortion and New Labour was firmly and rightly in favour too so perhaps Starmer felt he was being uncontroversial.

Why Starmer won’t back the RMT as I argued in my recent Morning Star piece (Thursday free on the papers website) also relates to New Labour, A forerunner of the RMT was key to the formation of Labour in 1900 but for Blair unions were sectional interests. He wanted and perhaps briefly got a broader for the many approach

The point is interesting as Labour history but not relevant to 2022. Starmer can see abortion rights is about the fight of ordinary people to control their lives. In a different register isn’t that what RMT members are striking about

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