Memorial to Narenda Makanji a ‘Battle of Wood Greener’

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Memoriial to Narendra Makanji: a ‘Battle of Wood Greener’

Narendra Makanji died unexpectedly on the 4th April 2019, far too young.

I was pleased to that on Wednesday in Wood Green a memorial was unveiled with a crowd including Sharon Grant and Jeremy Corbyn. While the Tories bang on about taking down statues they don’t do anything about putting them up.

With his passing one of those who was present at the Battle of Wood Green on 23rd April 1977 left us.

The story of that day is below

Without doubt it was a formative political experience for Narendra (as for myself and many others). He went on to be a long-standing Haringey Labour Councillor, a committed anti-racist and one of those who was central to forming the Labour Party Black Sections.

Latterly he had been closely identified with the Bernie Grant Centre in Tottenham.

As I noted on social media he was a socialist with Hinterland. Of course he was a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, the spokesperson for those who opposed the National Front in Wood Green in 1977, but his tweets to myself covered things like cricket (he was a keen supporter as I am) and the Archers.

3 years ago we lost a giant of the labour movement, someone who had sustained activity on the left over five decades. I’m sure there will be formal obituaries but in due course Narendra deserves his place in the Dictionary of National Biography (DNB) and the Dictionary of Labour Biography (DLB).

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