Memoirs of a City of London office worker Spring 2021. Not partying on

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Memoirs of a City of London office worker Spring 2021. Not partying on

While little about what Boris Johnson & Co do or don’t get up to surprises me, given his well documented history continuing stories about parties in 10 Downing St during periods when restrictions on gatherings and so on were in place due to COVID do surprise a little.

I appreciate that some people may think that trade unions and trade union organisation don’t exist in the City of London but they do. I’m a trade union officer who represents managers and professionals in the City and in particular (but not only)at the HQ of one of the UK’s largest companies there.

In April 2021 I was of course not there but working from home as most other City office workers were. My actual office near Blackfriars was closed (for office purposes) but the HQ at the Stock Exchange of the City was open for essential purposes.

When things opened up a bit in the autumn I talked to the building manager, who was there in Spring 2021 to keep an eye on matters, about what the City had been like then. They noted that it was very quiet indeed aside from tumbleweed blowing about.

Indeed a few people had been in the office, safely. Essentially those who for one reason or another could not work from home. Then there were those who retired at that time. The matter could not be marked in the office with goodbyes and then a drink at a nearby pub (they were shut). The building manager explained that on occasion people had been allowed to bring their families in to show them where they had worked.

But at Downing St they were partying on…..

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