The Ambridge Socialist. Is it the end for ‘cosy’ Ambridge?

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The Ambridge Socialist

17th October

Is it the end for ‘cosy’ Ambridge?

The new manager at Home Farm Stella has queried whether it’s a good idea to continue with an arrangement where some Brookfield sheep graze on their land, after a run-in with Pip. Brian has  explained that as most things in Ambridge it’s a family affair.

He has decided against selling the farm but that doesn’t mean all is stable. Stella notes that in her mission to modernize farming the cosy relationships of yesteryear may have no place.

Martyn Gibson: One Nation Tory. Who knew?

Inspecting the pigs at Berrow Farm, Borsetshire Land’s Martyn Gibson asks how new worker Jazzer is getting on. Brian is full of praise and mentions Jazzer’s efforts to rehabilitate Blake. Gibson questions Jazzer and suggests that Blake could be offered contract work with full employment rights. Gibson previously thought of as a neo-liberal opines that it’s the right thing to do. Ambridge remains a patrician society it seems, unless Stella can bring change.

Russ has a haircut

In return for help with an essay trainee hairdresser Chelsea offers to cut Russ’s hair as his normal barber has gone bust. Russ is reluctant but agrees and apparently is please with the result. No pictures have yet to appear on social media so its difficult to say whether a No,1 really suits him

In Other News

Jazzer is selling the bike.  No he isn’t

Plans to progress carbon neutrality at Brookfield are in hand. Provided there is profit in it

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