Boris Johnson’s absences: the key early 2020 dates

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Boris Johnson’s absences: the key 2020 dates

Boris Johnson is absent again this week. He is on holiday in Spain while allegedly still working. Ministers and Tory papers continue to call for people to return to offices to do this but for Johnson an exception of course applies. Indeed a belated ‘apology’ for deaths caused by COVID was delivered not by the PM but by a spokesperson.

This week is not the most serious of his absences though.

In the crucial weeks before March (2020) Boris Johnson did not attend any of the five virus meetings held by Cobra, the emergency committee, in January and February and spent 12 days out of the public eye while on a ‘working’ holiday at (Chevening) in Kent.

Sunday Times 19th April

The reality is though that Johnson has a lifelong history of absence

James Griffin, then Professor of Classical Literature at Balliol…was tolerant of Boris’s absences and late or non-existent work

Sonia Purnell, Just Boris

Boris’s persistent absences meant that mistakes were made that a more meticulous editor might have avoided

Sonia Purnell on Johnson’s period as Editor of the Spectator

‘not for the first time..the cry went up: Where is Boris’.

Sonia Purnell on attempts to contact Johnson, Mayor of London, after the start of rioting in London on 6/7th August 2011

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