85th anniversary of Cable St. A reminder from history on how to fight fascism

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85th Anniversary of Cable St. A reminder from history on how to fight fascism

Sunday is the commemoration of the 85th anniversary of the battle of Cable St when an attempt by  Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists to march through and intimidate Jewish communities in London’s East End was stopped by a mass mobilisation of thousands of ordinary Londoners, Jews and non-Jews, trade unionists, socialists, communists and many others.

It was not a protest that received the support of any part of the Establishment. It was organised from below and it worked.

David Rosenberg the socialist historian who has done so much work on the radical East End has written in the Morning Star about why Cable St remains important.

As he has noted the fight to stop fascists from marching and intimidating communities is not something that is over. It needs to be done again and again.

There were many post-1945 battles against Mosley’s fascists but by the 1970s they had been replaced by the National Front. The Battle of Wood Green in April 1977 saw another mass mobilisation to stop a Saturday afternoon fascist march along a busy North London High Rd.

Similar battles and mobilisations were needed against the British National Party and the English Defence League and the far right and fascism remain something that needs to be opposed in 2021.

Cable St on 4th October 1936 may be 85 years ago now but it set the template on how to do it

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