Fish finger named most Beard Friendly Sandwich for second year running

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Beard Liberation Front

Press release contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

22nd June

Fish Finger named Beard Friendly Sandwich for second year running

The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has said that the humble Fish Finger sandwich has been voted most Beard Friendly Sandwich for the second year running

Each year during National Beard Week in June the campaigners search for a sandwich that does not have excessive mayo or salad which tends up in the beard rather than the mouth.

With the rise of designer sandwiches the bread around the sandwich filling, whether a traditional slice, flat bread or ciabatta, often fails to contain the contents which can then spill out into the beard even with the most careful eating.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett, With the Fish Finger sandwich being voted the most beard friendly again in 2021 and ham & mustard the runner-up clearly the nation’s beard wearers are prudently avoiding over-filled sandwiches. There was however some argument about whether tomato sauce or mayo in the fish finger sandwich could cause issues if applied over enthusiastically

Beard Friendly Sandwich 2021 Result

1 Fish finger 50%

2 Ham & Mustard 27.6%

3 Cheese & Pickle 14.3%

4 Avocado, tomato, rocket 8.6%

National Beard Week 2021

Monday 21st June: Hirsute Personality of the Year: the beard wearer who has made the positive public impact during the year. 2021 winner- Gareth Southgate

Tuesday 22nd June: Beard Friendly Sandwich of the Year: the sandwich that goes in the mouth not the beard. 2021: Fish Finger

Wednesday 23rd June: Hirsute Broadcaster of the Year: the broadcaster whose beard has had the most public impact. 2021 TBA

Thursday 24th June: Pogonophobe of the Year: the most notorious beard hater of the year; 2021 TBA

Friday 25th June: Beard Friendly Employer of the Year: the field grows wider each year 2021 TBA

Saturday 26th June: Beard of Summer 2021: the third of the four quarterly seasonal Awards 2021 TBA

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