Showing racism the red card in sport requires persistence

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Showing Racism the red card in sport requires persistence

It’s year since the murder of George Floyd the resurgence of the Black Lives Matters movement and in Britain taking the knee in solidarity in football and sometimes cricket.

Boris Johnson never someone to show solidarity with anyone except himself doesn’t approve of course. Even so it has been an important symbol and it has been accompanied by new anti-racist policies and attempts to promote equality.

Organisations like Show Racism the Red Card and Stand Up to Racism have been active in promoting solidarity.

It’s early days yet and progress comes with persistence.

The booing that happened as players took the knee at the start of Wednesday’s England v Austria friendly was drowned out eventually by applause.  On the same day racist and sexist tweets by an England cricketer making his debut in the Lords Test against New Zealand came to light.

The tweets were from a few years back and Robinson immediately apologised and committed to anti-racism. Even so he was 18-19 when the tweets were made, old enough to vote and old enough to know what he was doing. One hopes his match fee is being donated to Show Racism the Red Card.

In the mean-time England won the football match by a single goal from the black Arsenal player Saka. It was his first and the best possible answer on the night to the racists.

But its not time to declare job done. It’s time to push on with making anti-racism matter in sport

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