The Ambridge Socialist. It’s Class War in Ambridge!

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The Ambridge Socialist

16th May

Its Class War: Aldridges/Archers v Grundys/Horrabins

Class War has erupted again in Ambridge and the Ambridge Socialist is clear which side we are on as ever. We back the Grundys and the Horrabins, the key proletarian families of the village against the Archer and Aldridge ruling class.

It may be agreed that neither Alice or Chris are particularly attractive characters and in that sense were clearly meant for each other as they pursued a future of miserabilism. That however is currently not to be.

Jennifer’s attempt to justify the alcoholism of Alice is unjustifiable while Brian is a noted long time John Barleycorn fan. This is deemed quite acceptable for a leading male member of the Ambridge ruling class of course.

How the class war will play out remains to be seen but the Ambridge Socialist will be keeping a close watch on which side people take.

Take part in the Class War vote:

Rehabilitation of doubtful villagers continues

This week Joy Horville has been rehabilitated as a thoughtful and caring Ambridge resident, while the image enhancement of Vince Casey, previously thought to be a ‘baddie’ has continued. Vince has been helping out Rex with the arrival of the pigs at Lower Loxley. It is likely however that any rehabilitation of Call Me Russ as a decent human being remains some way off.

3 Responses to “The Ambridge Socialist. It’s Class War in Ambridge!”

  1. Three cheers for Eddie and Joe. And Clarrie. Not keen on Neil Carter. And detest Susan . Good to be up to date.

  2. Think it would be interesting to check out some of the characters’ politics in Ambridge……..perceived class labelling does not always turn out to be entirely predictable. Working class/ low income people are often Tories………turkeys voting for Christmas!

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