From cricket’s The Hundred to football’s ESL, ‘legacy fans’ not wanted

In Uncategorized on April 19, 2021 by kmflett

From cricket’s Hundred to Football’s European Super League, ‘legacy fans’ not wanted.

After a year’s delay The Hundred competition will be starting in English and Welsh cricket this summer. It is a short form of cricket with each side facing ten, 10 ball overs. There is an element of innovation but the key point is that any links to old County sides and grassroots supporters are broken with 8 City based sides. There will be extensive media coverage. The idea is that it will attract new fans and of course bring money into the game.

Existing fans can watch if they want, those that have loyally supported the game over the years, but they are not central to matters

The football European Super League announced on Sunday doesn’t have (as far as is known) the element of innovation (no need for more with VAR already in place..)It is similar in its idea to The Hundred. Six English Premiership sides are involved. The thought no doubt is that if people want to see top level football this is the way forward. Again sponsorship and media coverage will no doubt be guaranteed and money made, if it goes ahead. Also, again, the point being made is that this about attracting new fans not the ‘legacy’ supporters of the clubs as they were.

Meanwhile supporters of other clubs and the grassroots of the game will be very much also rans.

Yet as with cricket without that, is what is happening in any recognisable sense sport rather than some sort of media focused spectacle of (potential)entertainment?

As a footnote Jose Mourinho’s departure from Spurs, announced on Monday morning, may well be some kind of collateral ‘damage’ related to the announcement. If so that will be the one element of the whole saga that most Spurs fans will welcome.

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