Jeremy Corbyn one year on

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Jeremy Corbyn one year on

It is a year since Jeremy Corbyn stood down as Labour leader.

There is irony in the point that on the anniversary of his standing down as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn united with Liberal Democrats and many Tory MPs to oppose the unworkable and authoritarian plan for domestic vaccine passports. Meanwhile Keir Starmer was still making up his mind. It rather sums up Labour’s year I’m afraid.

The ability of Corbyn to reach out on a specific issues to those with different views mirrors the work he did early on in his political life, perhaps particularly the protest against the National Front in April 1977 known as the Battle of Wood Green.

In the last year Corbyn has remained very active as Islington North MP even as the current Labour leader managed to suspend him as a Labour MP. He has launched a new campaign the Peace and Justice Project. He has continued to be very active on social media criticising the Government and supporting those fighting for better conditions. Again a good deal more than his successor. I’ve lost count of the number of Zoom meetings I’ve seen him on.

Very little of this of course has got any mainstream media coverage but its noteworthy that the BBC’s report of his opposition to vaccine passports was entirely neutral. The first time that has been managed for a while.

Jeremy Corbyn won’t be coming back as Labour leader but the role he played in building a half a million member strong Labour Party and nearly winning the 2017 General Election should not be forgotten, much as some try hard to do so.

And he still has the beard too.

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