Lost Tottenham breweries: Wooldridge

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Lost Tottenham breweries: Wooldridge

My thanks to North London craft beer drinker and beard wearer @PeterMacCiarrai for alerting twitter (& myself)to plans by Haringey Council to redevelop property at 551b Tottenham High Rd, known as Morrisons Yard:

The building to be redeveloped is the former gatehouse of Wooldridge brewery which was based in Tottenham from 1834 until the late 1920s. By then it had been bought out several times the final ownership resting with Davenports, Birmingham brewers

The location for those planning some exercise is a couple of blocks up Tottenham High Rd from Bruce Grove station in the direction of Spurs (left hand side of the road in front of the railway line).

I’d never heard of the brewery but it appears to have pioneered new brewing methods. I’m definitely not a brewer but those who are may be able to judge from this report:

The brewery (parts of which still stand) was designed in 1892 by William Bradford a specialist brewery architect also responsible for Harveys and Hook Norton breweries amongst others:

As well as the current Tottenham brewing scene perhaps a walk around the lost breweries of Tottenham in the summer would be an idea.

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