The fragility of US democracy(New York Times)

In Uncategorized on January 12, 2021 by kmflett

Churchill noted that Parliamentary Democracy was the worst possible way of running things except for the alternatives and on this occasion he had a point.

Parliamentary Democracy in the UK has been issues, problems and downsides but was in any case complete until 1928 when all women got the vote. That is even so almost a 100 years ago now.

The New York Times(11th January 2021) commenting on the Trump coup attempt has underlined that anything resembling US democracy (which has its own very considerable issues)is much more recent:

...full American democracy is not centuries old and static but fragile and relatively new

The road to the Civil Rights Act (1964) was paved with Black death like the killings of 13 year old Virgil Lamar Ware and the 14 year old Emmett Till. And for every Raphael Warnock who will become the first Black Georgian to serve in the Senate, there are descendants of black sharecroppers who are still mired in poverty, stuck in the generational cycle of inequality that stretches from the political to social and economic.

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