The Ambridge Socialist: Eddie Grundy alone recognised Philip Moss was dodgy

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Ambridge Socialist

10th January

Time for an Ambridge Truth & Reconciliation Commission

There is of course one person in Ambridge who is not implicated in the Philip Moss modern slavery crisis. Don’t expect the BBC to be bigging this up because it is Eddie Grundy. He perpetually complained that Moss was taking work from him by offering rates that were too cheap. He may not have fathomed that this was because Moss wasn’t paying his workers but he certainly knew he was dodgy.

One person who subsequently realised this and made a point of it in a special on-line service from St Stephens was the local vicar Alan Franks. He suggested that if something was being offered at a suspiciously cheap price, the first thought should be, not that’s cheap, but, why is it so cheap? Sensible advice which it’s a pity the vicar didn’t take himself when employing Moss to repair the Church tower recently.

The vicar has already been exonerated by or God who whoever his relevant Borsetshire representative is but this doesn’t apply to David & Rooth Archer (new barn at Brookfield) Saint Shula (numerous works at the riding stables) and many others in Ambridge.

Since the whole of Ambridge can’t be jailed for complicity with Moss perhaps it is time to schedule some Truth and Reconciliation hearings where villagers explain why it is that they employed Moss and how they plan to make amends for doing so.

Kirsty: DO NOT hitch up with Spread Sheet Roy. Ditch men altogether

The Ambridge Socialist doesn’t of course offer advice on relationships but we do feel that Kirsty should in future abstain from any further attempts at bourgeois marriage and in particular disregard any spreadsheet that Roy Tucker produces on the matter.

Colston Statue: David Archer was right

The Ambridge Socialist is not in the habit of backing David Archer for being right about anything but when he opined that in the light of the Moss affair he could understand why the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol was toppled in the summer of 2020 he did get it right. Cue of course predictable complaints from Tories that the Archers was becoming political. Life is a political issue in 2021.

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