Beers of 2020

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Beers of 2020

In this most difficult of years when pubs have been shut more often than open, partly due to very real health concerns but also partly due to the obsessions of temperance campaigners, there has still been some great beer produced. Sometimes in cask, more often in keg, can or bottle there has been enjoyment which has been otherwise in very short supply.

My partner Megan Davies and myself have drawn up a shortlist of some of our favourite 2020 beers. Not all first appeared in 2020, although most did but either way at year end a ‘big up’ to all involved. Let’s hope for a better 2021 though achieving that will require as much hard work as hope.

By definition the range of beers sampled,when pubs have been shut for a good chunk of the year is less extensive than usual. Hence there are breweries such as Exale, Howling Hops, Pressure Drop and Redemption in London that have continued to produce a range of great beers and not forgetting Crafty Devil in Cardiff where we have both been a lot more than usual…

Red Willow Blackberry Saison

Donzoko Big Foam lager

Lost & Grounded/Burnt Mill Big Thaw 2 West Coast IPA

Elusive, Oregon Trail West Coast IPA

Red Willow Cider Apple Saison

Thornbridge Jamestown NEIPA

Crafty Devil, Oh No imperial stout

Cheshire Brewhouse Gibraltar Porter

Newbarns Pale Ale (Nelson Sauvin)

Siren, Cherry & Cacao Broken Dream stout

Five Points Best (cask)

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