Equal Pay Day: 50 years since the Equal Pay Act, the fight continues

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Equal Pay Day: 50 years since the Equal Pay Act the fight continues

20th November is Equal Pay Day:

In summary due to unequal pay with men, women at work will in effect work for the rest of 2020 for nothing compared with how much their male colleagues are paid.

The Government has suspended the requirement to report the equal pay gap due to COVID-19 but there is solid evidence that in many areas it remains significant as does the related gender pension gap.

It is 50 years since the Equal Pay Act was passed and 45 since it was implemented in 1975

Given that it has been illegal to pay unequally for equal or like work since the 1970s one might question how it is that there is still an equal pay issue at all. After all there are meant to be no, no go areas for law and order so one might expect transgressing employers to face the full force of the law.

A problem of course is that law doesn’t come cheap and people earning an average wage are certainly not in a position to engage a lawyer unless of course they are a member of a trade union.

Unionised workplaces generally have lower equal pay gaps because workers can address the issue collectively.

That said while the focus on the lack of equal pay and the recognition that it is an issue does represent progress the fact that unequal pay remains a significant issue underlines how difficult it is to make lasting progress and while persistence across generations is the key to doing so.

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