Small Breweries Duty Relief, class politics & the Minister

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The Small Breweries Duty Relief, class politics & the Minister

On 9th November Plaid MP Liz Saville Roberts secured an adjournment debate (last of the day) in Commons on the Small Brewers Duty Relief.

Full credit to her for doing so. Living partly in Wales as I do Plaid’s leadership often comes across as being firmly in the camp of temperance(which has a solid and respectable Welsh tradition btw) but clearly there are other strands too.

The full debate from Hansard is here:

It was notable for attracting a reply from the Minister Kim Badenoch. Her bottom line was that the brewers were divided over the SBDR and that the Government as an honest broker was simply sorting things out. Further despite COVID more delay would not help.

Up to a point Lord Copper. As a union officer I sometimes hear employers telling people I’m representing that they will feel better once a particular process has completed and in all likelihood they end up sacked. They will of course until they look at their bank balance.

Badenoch correctly pointed out that some breweries that were not huge supported the changes to SBDR and named three, Lancaster, Theakstons and Michael Gove’s favourite Hogs Back.

Significantly though the clear majority of MPs who spoke up against the SBDR changes were Tories. There were two Labour MPs but unfortunately it seems that this is not an informal priority for Sir Keir Starmer despite the fact he is a noted craft beer drinker.

Even so that reflects a clear split in the Tories ranks between those who back smaller breweries, backbench MPs obviously, and the Government who back larger regional ones who represent what’s left of the Beerage.

If you were interested in playing the games of Parliamentary politics (hardly my department, my politics lie mostly outside Parliament) or even if you were interested in promoting an effective campaign on the SBDR changes (for or against) intervening in that Tory divide might produce interesting results. After all despite having a majority of 80 in times like these Johnson’s Government is far from a stable one.

CAMRA and SIBA reaction

Michael Gove & Hog’s Back

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