The Ambridge Socialist.No dancing on village green after Biden win

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The Ambridge Socialist

70 years of class struggle in Borsetshire

15th November

No dancing on the village green after Biden win

With even Donald Trump, who is not thought to listen to the Archers, halfway to conceding defeat in the US Presidential election, Ambridge has remained silent on Joe Biden’s victory. Admittedly Ambridge is or should be currently in lockdown but surely there must be some in the village who plan an impromptu, COVID-19 safe, celebration?

Moss still trying to move to Wales

Kirsty has discussed with Helen plans to put her house on the market as Philip Moss continues with his plans to try and evade prosecution and jail for modern slavery by moving to Wales. They plan future meet-ups in Monmouth which has a Waitrose and a public school so they should be fine.

Ruairi comes out as Siobhan has a brief reprise

Siobhan Donovan who was written out of the Archers in 2007 after unwisely getting involved with Mr ‘emotional desert’* himself Brian Aldridge made a brief return this week. Siobhan, according to the BBC anyway, recorded a message for Ruairi on his 18th birthday. Fortunately for him Siobhan gave her blessing to his sexuality where he fits broadly into the third letter of LGBT. Ben determined that Ruairi’s ex, Troy, was in fact a ‘Greek porn star’ which begs the question of how much knowledge Ben has of the genre and where he got it from? Has he been talking to Brian Aldridge?

In Other News

Lynda has been on Susan’s radio show

*Jennifer Aldridge

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