Ambridge Socialist: Modern Slavery Day. Philip & Gavin Moss confess

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The Ambridge Socialist

18th October

Modern Slavery Day. Philip & Gavin Moss confess to the BBC

As the Ambridge Socialist has previously reported while Philip and Gavin Moss’s gangmaster activities are bad enough it is the cover-up that is likely to get them caught. Kirsty has continued to be on the job of Gavin’s apparent problems with the ‘horses’ in fact of course slave labourers with two legs not four.

This week Gavin has had to listen to a lecture from Alastair about how he addressed his gambling addiction. Philip has clearly taken the view that the pretence is likely to end badly before long and started floating the idea of moving back to Wales.

18th October is Modern Slavery Day and you can find Philip and Gavin Moss speaking out about the horses @BBCTheArchers in a short video.

One wonders if Sergeant Harrison ‘Sherlock’ Burns will take a look at their confession

Alice & the bottle

It has been another week of angst for Alice. On the one hand yet more temperance on advice. On the other hand zero attempts to deal with her actual drink problem. Abstention may well be the answer to that but it will be a process not an urging.

The search for Roman coins. Eddie Grundy retrains as a local history expert.

The Government has been urging people to re-train recently as unemployment rockets. Eddie Grundy is never knowingly unemployed when potential cash is around and so has styled himself as a local historian. He has an excellent claim to the title and predictably the Archers Dynasty are sneering at him

Vince Casey: do the Elbow Bump

Philip and Gavin Moss could take a few lessons from Vince Casey about how to be a dodgy businessman legally (ish). This week he has told Elizabeth that he hasn’t quite perfected his elbow bump technique yet. We wonder….

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