Jacob Rees Mogg discovers Wales

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Jacob Rees Mogg discovers Wales

Leader of the Commons Jacob Rees Mogg has been opining on the decision of the Welsh Labour Government to restrict travel into and out of Wales in order to more effectively control COVID-19 infections.

The First Minister Mark Drakeford had asked Boris Johnson to act but he declined to do so on several occasions.

Mr Rees Mogg could not of course resist having a pop:

He blamed those “voting for socialists” and replied: “What would you expect of a hard left Labour government?”

While I’m not really sure the Welsh Government is ‘hard left’ it has certainly done a rather better job overall (obviously there is scope for criticism) at managing the crisis of 2020 than Johnson has.

Rees Mogg made the point that England and Wales are part of the same country. That is correct if and until the Welsh people decide differently. Its also true that there is no legal border between the two countries. If one wanted history Wales has played a significant role in the development of British capitalism and imperialism, not of course to the benefit of ordinary people anywhere.

However as the Welsh Government has made clear the travel restrictions relate not to any of that but simply as a practical measure to try and grapple with rising COVID-19 infections. When one considers that there is a longish list of places from which people who travel into the UK have to quarantine for the same reason one can understand that it is not a particularly exceptional move.

More might have been done to counter the reactionary ‘Wales is closed to the English’ voices that one hears as part I’m afraid of a rising tide of right-wing and reactionary sentiment across the world. Perhaps a wall is needed?

Beyond all this the really important question is what does Rees Mogg know of Wales?

Speaking to Bridgend Tories he has opined that a relation on the Rees side of the family came from Wick (Vale of Glamorgan). The Moggs come from Somerset. The links between Somerset and South Wales are well known though probably not to Rees Mogg. The miners leader during the General Strike, A J Cook, who worked in the Welsh coalfields came from Somerset.

Turning to Rees Mogg’s recent book of ‘historical’ essays The Victorians Rees Mogg is to be found mentioning ‘England and Wales’ as if they were always had been and always will be one country together with a few mentions of the Prince of Wales.

In short one suspects that like so many who are not in Wales Rees Mogg struggles to intellectually understand that Wales does exist as a country. Hence when it is proposed that travel into it is restricted for specific reasons for those not travelling for work or education (etc) the ‘does not compute’ sign starts flashing.

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  1. Frankly the way the Westminster government has been behaving I would not blame the Welsh if they decided to rebuild and fortify Offa’s Dyke and use it for the reverse of its original purpose.

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