Before you cheer Wetherspoons loss look further

In Uncategorized on October 16, 2020 by kmflett

Wetherspoons has made its first loss since 1984.

The reasons in 2020 are obvious enough and its not I’m afraid because people have got fed up with Wetherspoons or because the workers have taken successful action for decent wages.

Tim Martin’s pubs are popular with many because they offer well priced beer (etc) & edible food in relatively pleasant (mostly) surroundings. When money is too tight to mention that is important to many.

Of course Martin himself is rightly reviled for his hard-line Brexit views, Tory politics and in recent times eccentric views on COVID-19.

Many wont be shedding tears for Martin’s bank balance but there are wider issues at work:

1 Breweries,’the Beerage’ and pubs are historically associated most with the Tory Party. Whether that association still holds in 2020 is hard to tell not least because of the random policies of the Johnson Government.

The initial decision on Small Brewers Duty Relief back in July which favoured larger regional to national brewers, some of who do fund the Tories, suggested the Beerage lives on. Tim Martin’s enthusiasm for Sunak’s Eat Out scheme suggested that the Beerage had been extended to large pub companies. Now as furlough ends and pub restrictions abound, who knows..

2 If big pub companies are making losses- Wetherspoons will survive- imagine the situation for smaller independent pubs and their ability to carry on

3 Finally but not least take into account the impact on workers. Martin announced today that 108 people at Wetherspoons Head Office had been made redundant. One wonders if he is taking a pay cut?

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