Ambridge Socialist. Will Starmer’s farming policy win support in Ambridge?

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The Ambridge Socialist

11th October

Will Keir Starmer get a good reception in Ambridge?

Keir Starmer has had a meeting with the National Farmers Union this week to discuss Labour’s plans to protect British farmers food standards in the wake of potential watering down in a post-Brexit environment.

Readers of the Ambridge Socialist may legitimately wonder exactly what standard of food comes from Berrow Farm’s pig factories but clearly there is still scope for matters to be worse still.

A visit of the Labour leader to Ambridge must be next on the agenda but one wonders who will give him the time of day in the village? Brexiteers like Adam and Brian are not likely to be keen and we suspect Justin Elliott has never heard of him. Whether Eddie Grundy approves of Keir then is perhaps the question of the moment.

Should Susan’s Radio Borsetshire show lead to an Archer’s spin-off?

This suggestion was made by Lillian (Sunny Ormonde) on Dum-Tee-Dum on 9th October. We sense it will be controversial particularly after Susan was heard playing a Barry Manilow record on the show this week. Her announcement of Alice’s pregnancy live on air while Jennifer didn’t know might qualify her for a spot on LBC though.

Temperance reaches Ambridge

Temperance hasn’t been too much heard of in Ambridge since a former landlord of The Bull died of alcohol related issues. Alice’s first consultation about her pregnancy this week was accompanied by medical warnings that even sniffing a glass of alcohol could harm the baby. As quite often these days sensible evidence based advice that drinking excessively is likely to be injurious comes mixed with an ideological view that any drinking is bad for you, because well it just is. Unfortunately this less than helpful approach probably wont actually make Alice address her problem drinking which she quite urgently needs to do.

One Response to “Ambridge Socialist. Will Starmer’s farming policy win support in Ambridge?”

  1. Justin Elliott is bad enough, Simon Elliot is an Idiot Too Far!

    Who will back Starmer in Ambridge? Bring Back Mike Tucker!

    Alice is an Aldridge. She will do whatever she damn well wants, regardless of Midwife advice.

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