Breweries in Tottenham from Gripper Bros (1760) to Redemption (2010)

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Breweries in Tottenham from Gripper Bros (1760) to Redemption (2010)

Bell Brewery 696 Tottenham High Rd N17 (Brewery History Society)

Redemption Brewery in North Tottenham (very near Spurs) recently tweeted that they were the first new brewery in the area for almost 100 years. In fact I think they were the first for 107 years since the Tottenham Lager Brewery in South Tottenham closed in 1903.

The tweet brought a query about Gripper Bros another Tottenham brewery based at 696 High Rd N17 (also near Spurs). The Bell Brewery opened in 1760 and was taken over by Whitbread in 1896. Whitbread used it as bottling storage area. At that time they were promoting a huge increase in production of their bottled beers- which were bottle conditioned at that point.

Brewing may have continued for some decades after 1896- the records are in the London Metropolitan Archives and Grippers owned an impressive number of pubs in the wider North London area, a few of which are still with us. I suspect that they became Whitbread pubs after 1896.

Gripper Bros also owned the Stag Brewery, Chase Side, Enfield.

Whitbread’s used the buildings for storage until 1983.


Gripper Bros pub estate

History of Tottenham Breweries

There were 2 local brewers in 1824 and 5, including Jeremiah Freeman and son, in 1845. (fn. 112) Frederick Freeman and John Fullagar owned Tottenham Brewery and Gripper Bros. owned the Bell Brewery in 1862. (fn. 113) Both firms survived in 1890, when Otto Vollmann managed the Tottenham Lager Beer Brewery and Ice Factory (fn. 114) for a German company which had bought Grove House on the closure of the school. (fn. 115) Grippers’ premises were bought by Whitbread & Co. in 1896 and turned into a bottling depot in the same year, although some of the older brewery buildings, on the east side of High Road south of Park Lane, were still used in 1924. (fn. 116) Fremlin Bros. had a bottling depot and stores at no. 20 White Hart Lane from c. 1908 until the 1950s. (fn. 117)

Victoria County History

There is more detail about the Tottenham Lager Brewery here:

The Tottenham lager brewery operated in the late nineteenth century and closed very early in the twentieth century.

The only obvious thing left now are the gates, although it’s possible that some buildings and a chimney on what was the site of the brewery may be related to it.

More details can be discovered in Gambrinus Waltz by master beer writers Boak and Bailey

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