The Ambridge Socialist. Ed & Emma secure the Grundy succession. Forward to the Ambridge Soviet

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The Ambridge Socialist

3rd May

Life in Ambridge goes on..

The BBC has ceased its regular (recently 5 times a week) updates from Ambridge. They are planned to return on 25th May in a slightly different format. The difficulties are understood and one of those involved in the production of the Archers, Keri Davies, has given a useful and interesting interview about the process.

However life in Ambridge goes on and as the BBC ceased reports on 30th April a range of issues were left in progress:

Kirsty’s wedding to Moss: It remains unclear if Moss plans to continue with the wedding but no doubt complex calculations not centrally involving Kirsty are involved.

Moss & Gavin’s arrest: with Sergeant Knacker Burns on the case it could be years or never until this occurs but Gavin’s attempt to undermine Roy could backfire

Shula’s promotion: we await news of her rise in the Church…

Rewilding Ambridge: this appears to be a very long term project so a brief hiatus will probably find things much the same

Have Budget cuts mean the Archers shower is no more?

Ed & Emma are back together and living in a mobile home. The Ambridge Socialist welcomes this unreservedly. With Joe Grundy sadly gone and Eddie and Clarrie advancing in years the future of the Grundy Dynasty was in question. With the two back together once again we can see a time when the Grundy’s will be at the centre of the Ambridge Soviet and the Archer Dynasty will be dismantled.

In the meantime however a strictly practical matter. Ed and Emma had several romantic scenes at the end of April but concerningly none appeared to be in the shower, as is Archer’s tradition. Does the mobile home not have a shower? Or do BBC budget cuts mean shower scenes are things of the past even after the present crisis passes?

Which dynasty should rule Ambridge

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