England cricketers urged to play conkers not football for game warm-up after injury to Burns

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Campaign for Real Conkers

Press Release January 3rd Contact Keith Flett, 07803 167266

England cricketers urged to play conkers not football for game warm-up after injury

E8CWGN Playing conkers in England, UK – close up

The Campaign for Real Conkers, the group that opposes bans on conker playing, has urged England cricketers to start playing conkers as a warm-up before Test matches after football was ruled out.

In the warm up for the current Newlands Test against South Africa England batsman Rory Burns was injured playing football during the warm-up and ruled out for the rest of the series

The campaigners say that while any sport carries some risk of injury these are rare during conker matches. The most damage a player is likely to incur is a slightly bruised knuckle and this can be mitigated by wearing gloves.

A cricket ball is sometimes referred to as a conker underlining that there is precedent in the game for the sport.

Campaign organiser Keith Flett said, conkers is the ideal game for a cricket warm-up. It tests hand to eye co-ordination and allows plenty of scope for movement of the arms and legs without any significant risk of injury

Guide on how to play real conkers 2020

1] Select your conker. Do this yourself. DO NOT use a conker provided by someone else who may give you a poor specimen.

2] There is no specific kind of conker that makes a good game winner. Large conkers may more easily splinter for example. Some prefer conkers with flat and sharp edges

3] You may use the conker ‘as is’ known as ‘organic’. Alternatively you may seek to harden it by baking it, soaking it in vinegar etc. There is no guarantee that an artificially enhanced conker will perform any better than an organic one.

4] Drill a small hole through the conker. A nail will often achieve this

5] Thread the conker through the hole you have drilled. A strong chord, perhaps a shoelace is best

6] You are now ready to play.

7] The stance taken is up to each individual player. Some may prefer a long swing, others a short swing.

8] Players take alternate turns to try and hit and destroy their opponent’s conker

9] Those with poor aim may hit the knuckles of their opponent more often than the conker so you may wish to wear gloves

10] The winner is the player who determines their opponent’s conker unusable in further rounds, usually by causing it to splinter into two or more pieces

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