Brewdog Angel, ‘Permanently Closed’

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Brewdog Angel, ‘Permanently Closed’

I haven’t passed by myself in the last few days but the indefatigable Beer Guide London has posted that Brewdog Angel has suddenly closed.

Brewdog are not a unionised employer so my first thought is that all employees have been sorted out decently. Calvin McDonald, whose twitter avatar describes him as the Brewdog Operations Manager for London & the Southeast has tweeted that staff were told in person and relocated to other nearby Brewdog bars. Credit where it is due for that obviously

Secondly to be fair to Brewdog they did say in their most recent licensing application in early 2018 that this was their last attempt to make the site work and if it didn’t they’d sell it. It appears this is the conclusion they have reached

The Brewdog site in Essex Rd, Islington (around 5 minutes walk from Angel tube for those unfamiliar but not on the main Upper St thoroughfare) has had a difficult history.

It opened as Dog Eat Dog selling beer and hot dogs with a licence that required eating in order to drink. I thought it was fine but clearly not enough people did and it shut. It re-opened as Punk Kitchen offering month long residencies to street food pop-ups (subsequently quite a popular model in craft beer pubs, although as beer writer Matthew Curtis pointed out Brewdog didnt pioneer the concept) but that didnt seem to work either.

It was been shut for a good while but a licence was obtained from Islington Council on 4th January 2018  for a ‘Hopworks’ concept which involved home brewing, a bar with a limited capacity (around 100 including outside seats) and pizzas.

The licence allowed opening only to 11pm (there are residential units above and when some of the occupiers moved in the site was used for retail and shut at 6pm) which is the earliest in the area.

It opened on June 1st 2018.

The licence statement from Islington which is linked below makes quite interesting reading.

Brewdog are upfront that they took a wrong direction in trying to sell food as a major element of their offering and they are also clear that this was their last attempt to make the site work. If it didnt they’d plan to sell.

Brewdog have purged all presence on social media of Brewdog Angel but below is a blog they posted when it opened. High hopes…

Update 30th September

Thanks to Oliver Moss on social media for alerting me to this point posted on the Brewdog Shareholder’s Forum thread:

It is also stated on the thread that they have “sublet the space to another operator who are confident with a radically different offering they can make a go of the location.”

Update 2nd October

All Brewdog signage has been removed and the windows whited out. The speed seems a little unusual but no doubt there are other examples of such haste. More poignant as Brewdog has announced details of its annual mid-October Collabfest is that Brewdog Angel brewed a beer with Brew By Numbers. One hopes the beer at least survives as a tribute to the hard work put in.

PUBLISHED – 31.05.2018 COMMENTS (3)

UK Bars Homebrew BrewDog Angel

These have been a great few months for lovers of craft beer in the capital. Following hot on the heels of BrewDog Seven Dials and BrewDog Tower Hill we are psyched to open another hop hideout for the thirsty people of London. And this one is a bar with a difference. If you love great beer then at our newest bar you can make it yourself. Welcome to homebrew heaven.

BrewDog Angel opens its doors at 12pm tomorrow, Friday 1st June!

Located at 21 – 31 Essex Rd (N1 2SA) we have a perfect location for dispensing freshly-poured craft beer amidst freshly-opened sacks of malt. Less than ten minutes’ walk from the tube station of the same name, our Angel bar is a stone’s throw from Islington Green and right in the hustle and bustle of the Upper Street/Essex Road confluence of shops and restaurants.

Inside, GM Ellery and a dedicated team of beery evangelists will be on hand with 14 taps of craft beer cold freighted from our Ellon brewhouse (as well as a few guest beers from amazing breweries we know and love). We also have a wide selection of bottles and cans to take away, either when you need to head home or if you are in the Angel area and need some beer to go!

But if you’d like to stay awhile, inside our newest London bar – the ninth we have opened in the city – you can spend time getting to grips with the art and science of brewing. BrewDog Angel rocks four 20L homebrew kits that you can hire and take for a test drive. Want to have a first crack at brewing? Sure! Already homebrew and want to take your adventures on the road? You know where to find us.

This new outlook on what a craft beer bar can be has arrived with perfect timing. Yesterday, a day before the bar opens, we released DIY Dog 2018 – all 325 BrewDog recipes recreated in homebrew-friendly format, as a free download; the keys to our kingdom. If ever there were inspiration to kick-start a lifetime of homebrewing, this is it! Just download onto a tablet or phone, book a kit and mash in!

BrewDog Angel also features a heated outdoor seating area where you can unwind once the brewday has finished – or just if you fancy taking in the sun with a beer at any time. For those after a bite to eat our bar also majors in our now-legendary BrewDog pizza menu, plus a range of wines and spirits, Hawkes cider and freshly-brewed coffee from our friends at Dear Green!

BrewDog Angel opens its doors at 12pm tomorrow, Friday 1st June and will then be open 12pm-11pm every day of the week. The first 50 people through the door this Friday at 12pm will be entered into a raffle to win epic prizes such as homebrew days, a trip to Ellon and a free Punk IPA every time you visit! How does that sound?

Angel – see you at noon tomorrow. And if there are any other parts of London we should open up in, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. told there were numerous complaints due to poor audio insulation.

    also the all inside by 8pm as a result was, quite frankly, rubbish.


    sure the two of them are making enough green off their other bars to let one go

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