Bad news for pognophobes: There is NOT more dirt in a beard than on a dog

In Uncategorized on April 14, 2019 by kmflett

A few days ago I spoke to a journalist from the Mail on Sunday about a beard story.

As the organiser of the Beard Liberation Front I’m prepared to speak to most media about beards, After all, as in this case, whatever the editorial policy of the media in question, far from all journalists are ill-intentioned. Indeed many are good NUJ members.

The story was a familiar one albeit arguably with a new tweak. Apparently ‘research’ had discovered that beards carried more dirt and germs than dogs. Up to a point Lord Copper.

Variants of this story, none of them true, have been doing the rounds since at least 2015:

Anyway to be fair to the Mail on Sunday (not a form of words I often use) after I spoke to them they have published a reasonably balanced story. Moderate progress in history.


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