Dominic Sandbrook in the Daily Mail on Peterloo: ‘barely a massacre at all’

In Uncategorized on October 25, 2018 by kmflett

As Mike Leigh’s film of the Peterloo Massacre is set to open on 2nd November its worthwhile keeping in mind that while even critics agree Leigh has the historical detail accurate, they still cannot agree on the significance of the events of that day.

It is an important point because it underlines that what Peterloo represented is not a settled question in either British history or politics and Leigh himself leaves the film open ended rather than providing an historical link to Chartism, which campaigned for the vote for men from the 1830s.

The link below is from a piece the cultural historian Dominic Sandbrook wrote in the Daily Mail on 24th August. It is quite measured when it comes to the history of Peterloo, much less so in assessing what it meant. According to Sandbrook it was ‘barely a massacre’ at all which wont be much consolation to those who were killed and injured on the day.

Its worth remembering in all this that the Magistrate who sent the Yeomanry in at Peterloo, Hulton, was a lifelong Tory and he never managed a public apology.



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