Another Royal Wedding? Down with Flunkyism?

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Another Royal Wedding? Down with Flunkyism?

Friday 12th October sees the second Royal Wedding of the year as Princess Eugenie marries Jack Brooksbank. No me either but the cost to public funds is considerable:

The first Royal Wedding of the year featured some bloke with a beard who has a reasonably high profile and role in the British Establishment as it is currently configured. That is not true of today’s participants who, one feels, might have been better served having a private wedding well out of the public eye.

Criticism has been relatively muted with a petition demanding that public money is not spent on such events attracting 40,000 signatures.

Difficult though it may be to grasp in the age of social media, public discourse was far more robust in the Victorian era.

On 6th July 1893 Prince (later King) George married Princess Mary of Teck. Opposition to Royalty, criticism was led by the Republican Sunday paper Reynolds’s News.

The Dictionary of Labour Biography notes a protest by the Socialist League, a group of anti-Parliamentary socialists with whom WIlliam Morris had been associated:

It campaigned against the cost of the wedding, putting up posters which stated: “The London Anarchists will hold an indignation meeting Sunday, July 2nd, in Hyde Park, at half-past-three, to protest against the waste of wealth upon these Royal Vermin, while the workers are dying of hunger and overwork. Fellow workers, prepare for the Revolution. Remember – He who would be free himself must strike the blow. Down with Flunkyism.” Thomas Cantwell and Ernest Young, members of the group, were caught flyposting and were arrested and held in prison. Their offices were searched, but the case was ultimately dismissed.


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