The Ambridge Socialist: Tory crisis spread to Ambridge

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 Years of the class struggle in Ambridge

August 12th

Ruling Class of Ambridge in crisis

Due to Brian Aldridge’s incompetent stewardship of his farm over decades the house at Home Farm is up for sale. No buyer is yet in prospect. Further Aldridge faces the prospect of jail for his activities in polluting the River Am. Now Lower Loxley has at least temporarily lost its alcohol licence after Freddie Pargetter was arrested for dealing drugs on the premises. Elizabeth claims it is a disaster but the thought does occur as to what the point of being part of the ruling class of Ambridge is if such matters can’t be smoothed over..

Alistair is *still* in Ambridge

It has been revealed that Alistair has been gambling again. He got 2-1 on Brian Aldridge being in jail within the next 12 months apparently. Shula is unhappy about this, so mediation on the divorce and Alistair has moved back to the Professors. Cant he get a room at the Travelodge in Borchester?

In Other News

Brian has turned down a chance to buy some fine wine from Robin. This won’t end well

Shula and Kenton are 60

Kate has realised that Jennifer and Brian’s new house won’t have any room for her. Consequences…


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