Where *do* Labour leaders go on their holidays?

In Uncategorized on August 11, 2018 by kmflett

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused by one of his numerous critics of being in hiding. It would appear that this particular critic is not familiar with ‘google’ as had a search been done it would have immediately been revealed that the Labour leader is in fact on holiday in Somerset. So much in hiding is he that his holiday pictures are in the local press there.

While Marx liked Ramsgate and Engels favoured Eastbourne for summer visits, the idea of a sustained holiday really only comes in the 1930s when paid time off for workers became more common.

I have however had a look at where some well known Labour leaders went on their summer holidays:

Clement Attlee: Nevin, North Wales

Harold Wilson: Scilly Isles

Tony Blair: France, Barbados

Ed Miliband: California

The idea of the foreign holiday, while I’m sure popular with some Labour voters, seems to have gone out of fashion (in the Tory Party too with Cameron going to Cornwall and Theresa May pondering the meaning of life in Wales). The Old Labour tradition of the British holiday is back though we have yet to see a picture of Jeremy Corbyn paddling.


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