Socialist Historians back August 11th solidarity day with Bookmarks Bookshop after far-right attack

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London Socialist Historians Group

8th August

Contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

Socialist Historians back solidarity day with Bookmarks Bookshop after far-right attack

The London Socialist Historians Group, which convenes the socialist history seminar at the Institute of Historical Research in central London, has said that it is backing the solidarity event with Bookmarks Books on Saturday August 11th after the central London socialist bookshop and official TUC bookseller Bookmarks was attacked by UKIP members, fascists and far-rightists last Saturday evening.

At 18.45 hours on 4th August just as the shop was closing 12 far rightists and fascists, one wearing a Trump mask, entered Bookmarks the shop and tore up material and generally messed up displays. Fortunately no one was injured.

The LSHG says it has worked closely with Bookmarks over many years sometimes sponsoring joint events while the bookshop has provided history bookstalls at LSHG seminars and conferences.

The socialist historians say that they hope for a significant presence of historians at Bookmarks on Saturday.

Socialist Historians Convenor Dr Keith Flett, fascists are big on hate but one thing they definitely do hate is history and perhaps particularly socialist history. Books that tell the reality of the Nazis murder of millions of Jews, gays, trade unionists and many others in the 1940s, are something these modern day fascists would like to destroy. We have no intention of letting them do it.


Solidarity Day. We Will Not Be Silenced! Bookmarks 1 Bloomsbury St· London WC1


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