150 years ago (10th August 1868). Karl Marx on Brexit & the English seaside

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150 years ago on 10th August 1868 Karl Marx wrote to Ludwig Kugelmann, the German social democrat:

Unfortunately for Marx, despite his liking for beer, it was many years before the Great British Beer Festival could provide an early August diversion.

Instead he noted:

My family is at present at the seaside which was the more necessary as both the girls were very weak after their illness

Marx was keen on both Ramsgate and Margate as seaside destinations but on this occasion his family had headed off to Ramsgate

He also noted, prefiguring views on Brexit by 150 years:

I hope very much that the state of my work will permit me to leave London for good and go to the Continent next year, at the end of September. I shall break away as soon as I can dispense with the Museum here. The dearness of living here is becoming more and more burdensome as time goes on. It is true that the pettiness of conditions over there is not much to my taste

It was a should I stay or should I go statement.. His landlord was pressing him to pay some bills..


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