The Ambridge Socialist: Is Robin Fairbrother set to bring craft beer to Ambridge at last?

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The Ambridge Socialist

5th August

Special Issue

Is Robin Fairbrother set to bring craft beer to Ambridge at last?

Robin Fairbrother, father of Rex and Toby, has appeared in Ambridge for some unknown reason. He previously featured some years ago when it was definitively proven that he was not a charming individual but an obnoxious arse.

There was some indication that in the interval he had gone into the coffee business but according to the BBC Fairbrother has continued his interest in the fine wines trade. He has already indicated a passing interest in Brian’s wine cellar which will shortly be available for sale and had a drinking session with David.

He is of course an insufferable bourgeois

The BBC’s account of his past is here:

Perhaps more interestingly Ambridge Socialist reader Rick Johnson has provided the following account:

FYI: Robin Fairbrother (son of Helen and George and half-brother to Grace)was a wine importer when he 1st met Lizzi in 1987. The then 34 year old had a house in the Dordogne. He was allegedly separating from his wife when he had an affair with Lizzi, but broke it off (without telling Lizzi) when he decided he was trying to get together with his wife again. He dumped Lizzi when she found him in Nelson’s, at which point she threw a glass of wine in his face.

The key issue in 2018 is whether Fairbrother plans to note a gap in the market and introduce craft beer to Ambridge. Kenton Archer landlord of the Bull is notoriously backward but there must be scope in the village for a craft micro-pub.

We do know that the Wine Society, founded in 1874, now also retails craft beers so the link with Fairbrother’s wine business seems obvious




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