BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew’s ‘beard’ was ‘fake news’ but had public backing

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Beard Liberation Front

2nd August

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BBC Cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew’s ‘beard’ was ‘fake news’ but had public backing

The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, after a further review meeting, has said that an apparently newly grown beard of BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew was fake news.

Agnew posted on twitter on Thursday that the beard was for ‘one-day’ only and the campaigners say that the picture of it that appeared was almost certainly artificially enhanced.

Agnew is a long-time facial hair refusenik.

The BLF says that nevertheless the picture of Jonathan Agnew with a beard had considerable public support with numbers tweeting that it enhanced the veteran broadcaster’s gravitas. Comments that the apparent beard made up for the lack of hair on the top of Agnew’s head were dismissed as folliclist by the BLF.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett, we are always ready to welcome new beard wearers but we are also always careful to make sure they are actually existing & not just photoshopped on social media. That said the reaction to what Jonathan Agnew might look like with a beard- some said another Eric Cantona-underlines that he should give it very serious consideration.




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