Did Spurs build their new stadium in Tottenham because of the 2011 riot?

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Did Spurs build new stadium in Tottenham because of the August 2011 riot?


Spurs fans and/or Tottenham residents may think there were a number of reasons why Spurs decided to build their new stadium (currently still under construction but to see its first Premiership game on 15th September 2018) adjacent to their old one on Tottenham High Rd. There were things like planning agreements, fitting in with a Council plan to ‘regenerate’ the area (now partially stopped) and the funding that came from this wider initiative. Plus West Ham wanted the Olympic Stadium.

However according to Spurs Executive Director Donna Cullen the decision was made in a phone call to Daniel Levy after the August 2011 Tottenham riot.

It is an interesting perspective on riots. The stadium, and it remains controversial locally, will bring much need business and income to the area which remains one of the poorest in London. The fact that it was a riot that apparently caused it to be built suggests that, while people lost homes and livelihoods over the 2011 riot (and there was genuine anger over police racism too), that such things do have a purpose.

The historian Eric Hobsbawm used the term ‘collective bargaining by riot’ to describe agricultural labourers who broke machines to protect their jobs in the early nineteenth century, while EP Thompson looked at the food riots that sometimes occurred when what was thought to be a fair price and quality for basic food stuffs like bread (a moral economy) was broken.

Thompson emphasised that actual riots were quite rare, more often it was the threat that was successful in achieving what a protesting crowd wanted.

In the case of Tottenham, at least according, to Spurs, it was an actual riot that got the new stadium built although I’m not sure that is quite what the crowd on that August Saturday night seven years ago had in mind. Certainly I don’t recall seeing any placards or hearing any chants to that effect.

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